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Benefits of Hosted PBX

2 min read

HostedPBX is your office phone system … in the cloud. It means there is no need to invest in your own on-premise phone system hardware. Unlike a traditional phone system, where you own the phone and phone system, in a HostedPBX environment there’s no need to invest in the expensive hardware and software associated with the phone system. We do the hard work, you simply own the phones. 

Improves Efficiency And Productivity  

Using Digitcom’s Hosted PBX, Employees can work from anywhere, while still having full access to the system through a smartphone application. Conferencing functionality, screen sharing and business SMS keep employees in constant contact, so they can get answers when they need them with a single click.  As more employees adopt a hybrid work approach, their calling capabilities will remain consistent in the office, at home, or remote work locations. 

Simple and Scalable 

Hosted PBX requires only an internet connection and a web-enabled device. This helps to eliminate complex hardware requirements. Also, the upgrades are automatic and included in your Hosted PBX subscription. In addition, mobile applications are available on specific subscription plans, allowing you to tailor the end user experience. 

Reduced Complexity.  

Hosted PBX is designed to be easy for users to manage without constantly seeking assistance from IT staff. An online web portal allows individual users to configure their own settings for features right from their computers. There is no longer any need to devote time and resources to training support staff to oversee the system. 


From leading-edge IP desk phones to softphones and mobile apps, employees can talk how they want and when they want. They can even switch seamlessly from one phone to another while on a call – the ultimate in flexibility and freedom. 


Hosted PBX is deployed in multiple data centres, to allow safe and secure routing of calls throughout Canada. A distributed architecture helps Hosted PBX achieve high levels of system uptime. Since all calls use a converged data network instead of dedicated phone lines, creating and participating in conference calls are much easier. 


Traditional analog telephone systems are poorly secured and open to various hacking methods. Cloud security protocols keep critical information under lock and key, which is a vital asset for businesses with increasingly digital workflows. 

Improved Client Satisfaction 

Provide the ultimate in customer service with contact center integration. Digitcom Hosted PBX enables the Call Center supervisor to fully configure all aspects of the call center including agent management (add/delete), call queuing, reports, and the implementation and assignment of calendars for opening and closing hours to ACD groups as well as specific configuration settings for the group. 

Even if it is not a specialized Call Center solution, it will allow you to build advanced Inbound calling services, including 

  • Queue management (welcome message, music, queue size, overflow)  
  • Calendars  
  • Callback system  
  • ACD Web Chat  
  • Systematic Call Recording  
  • SMS (for Mobile Operators)  
  • Visual Queues with Cherry-pick  
  • Call logs and Statistics  
  • Dashboards and Wallboards And much more! 

Integrate With Legacy Systems 

Integrating the old phone system with our hosted PBX service can be done by connecting the legacy PBX to a SIP gateway. Users can keep their current phones and PBX hardware which helps them to keep their existing phone number. 

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