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Avaya IP Office ​

The Avaya IP Office™ Platform is a cost-effective telephony system that supports a mobile, distributed workforce with voice and video on virtually any device. IP Office is an modular communications solution that scales up to 3000 extensions and 150 sites in a multi-site network with resiliency.

Avaya cloud office

Essential Edition

Preferred Edition

Server Edition


Embedded Voicemail

With 4 ports of voice messaging 15 hours of storage and 40 Auto Attendants, embedded voicemail gives users the tools they need to build efficient call management systems.


Voicemail pro

A direct upgrade over embedded voicemail pro users gain access to a powerful voice processing system and a easy to use graphical user interface.


Call Recording

Easily record, store, and playback calls to build valuable insights about your customers. Recieve audio as a WAV file sent directly to your email inbox.


Interactive Voice Response and Text to Speech

IVR & TTS support allow callers to interact with account inquiry systems, ordering systems and ticket systems, and more without waiting for an available agent.


Phone Manager Pro and PC Softphone

Powerful IP Office desktop applications, Phone Manager Pro and PC Softphone allow users to control and manage phone calls from a networked Windows desktop.


Intelligent Call Routing

Automated call routing with an unlimited number of automatic attendants that can be customized for a time of day as well as to recognize callers and deliver personalized messages


Voicemail to email

Easily keep on top of your messages with transcripts of your messages sent directly to your email inbox.


Secure Conferencing

Built-in 128-party conferencing allows users to host a password-protected conference bridge (up to 64-parties per conference). Allowing secure collaboration with customers and colleagues.

Bring Everyone Together With Avaya Devices

Avaya CU360

Avaya B109

Avaya J179 IP Phone

Avaya J159 IP Phone

Avaya J139 IP Phone

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Most frequent questions and answers

Email messages can be incorporated into a user’s email mailbox, and with Text To Speech, users can access voice and email messages through the telephone. The VoiceMail Pro application can dial users, internally or externally, to notify them of a voicemail; prompt for a PIN code when changing a Forwarding or Follow Me number from an external telephone; and provide voicemail services to multiple IP Office systems over the LAN, WAN or a Frame Relay network.

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