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Alarms and Alarm Monitoring

Verkada alarms integrate with video security to provide a more reliable and convenient service.

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Backup Power and connectivity

Plug and play cellular modules ensure your hardware stay connected and functional even in the event of a power or internet outage.


Remote Accessibility

Monitor, arm, or disarm alarms at any site without needing to visit in person using Verkada's secure command platform.


24/7 monitoring

Professional monitoring services provide uninterrupted protection.


Access Control

Working with your access control systems Verkada alarms secure points of entry and notify you of any intrusion attempts.


environmental Sensors

Optional thermal and atmospheric sensors can add an additional layer of security for businesses with more particular requirements.


Video Verification

Unified into a single platform Verkada's video and alarm services provide the information needed to dismiss false alarms without compromising on site security.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Rated IP67 on the IEC weatherproofing scale our outdoor cameras are dust tight and water tight. Successfully deployed as far north as Alaska they can handle the worst Canadian weather can throw at them. 

Fully NDAA & TAA certified we only source hardware from manufacturers as committed to security as we are. 

We provide options which bring our Cameras into compliance with FERPA and many other industry specific privacy requirements. Facial blurring for archived footage is one such example. 

With a bandwidth footprint of 20 kbps per camera, an organization can have over 100 cameras on the same connection (~ only 2mbps) in contrast with one traditional cloud camera which tend to stream at 1-2 mbps.

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